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Discover how we transformed Ellen and Richard’s memories
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Capturing Lifetime Memories: Ellen and Richard’s Story

I met Ellen and Richard through a mutual contact, Elisif Brandon. They were downsizing and were sad to leave the house in which they had raised their children and grand children. So, they had us record family stories on video. In this way they can always relive those great times. They were quite happy with the result! <Testimonial Below>

Innovation (from screen shot above)

We continuously push the boundaries of creativity to deliver innovative solutions. In this case, Ellen and Richard did not want a full-length film. All they needed was a video focusing on memories within their household. Our CEO Ramon used his creative skills to develop the exact product they desired. When he recorded this scene, he designed the setting to be intimate. By luck, they happened to look into each other’s eyes while saying goodbye on the video. This frame and the entire scene captured the deep love they share for each other. We sure captured Ellen and Richard’s Memories.

Expertise (from screen shot above)

We use a proven, eight-step program to get your video recorded, edited and delivered to you, thereby capturing lifetime memories. In the scene above, I wanted to get the nice orange of the wood from the sunray’s reflections through the window. I used a special lens filter that blurs bright light. The result is video that underscores the natural sun the room receives throughout the day. It was particularly difficult to color grade this scene because of the sheer amount of light “bloom,” but the high-quality video specs allowed lots of “wiggle” room for editing.

Collaborative Communication (from screen shot above) Allows for Capturing Lifetime Memories

We thrive on partnerships and teamwork, fostering collaborative efforts that result in groundbreaking films. In this image, both Ellen and Richard are telling the story of how they did construction work themselves when they initially bought the house. Elisif was to the left of the camera, so Ellen and Richard looked at her while telling stories. The result looks very natural in this sample of a family legacy film.

That’s What They Said!

“We’re so glad you added those extra parts – they add more color to the story of our life in the house. You integrated them in at just the right point. And the whole piece is beautifully shot and edited. We also like the added garden shots. Thank you so much for all you and Elisif put into creating the video. We are so happy to have this record of our lives in the house that we, our children, and our grandchildren can enjoy.”
Ellen and Richard Glanz

Let the Numbers Speak

At our company, we are dedicated to faithfully capturing and preserving your family stories through the power of video. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every detail is accurately documented, allowing future generations to cherish and relive these precious moments for years to come.

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From Day 1 we have continued to lead the way in creativity and innovation in recording and editing video.

Video Biographies For Business Too!

We are open to do video biographies for families AND businesses. If your company wants to attract more prospects, doing an origin story video is a great way to do that!

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